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Honestly, if you want a new party in the US, you start grass-roots. Grab a few municipal seats in a region, move onto the state legislature, repeat the next state over where the people share your ideals, and be prepared to face off against the two-party system from the word "go" in that both parties have the backing of nation-wide organizations to get advertising and debate space, especially since both parties will (possibly rightly) see the upstart as "stealing our voter base". This will take decades...

In this case it seems that a good surprise coup supported by a great campaign of memes with a well-prepared political force thanks to the support of revolutionary technologies has been enough to do it in less than a decade.

By 2018 they control:

• Presidency.
• Vice presidency.
• House of Representatives 418/435.
• Senate 85/100.
• Supreme Court 5/9.

You could basically say that they have assumed control of the United States of America.
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