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Default Re: Nightfall: Mission Five

I did it pretty easily with a mix of HVY, LT and GEV going at the Mark III, and a smaller "strike force" of GEVs and SHVYs at the Mark Is.

The "main force" attacking the Mark III is actually a decoy. The amount of firepower in that group easily stripped the Mark III, and was an imposing force for the Mark V, so the Mark V spent most of the time "thinking" what to do about them. Meanwhile, the GEVs and SHVYs made quick work of the Mark Is. The SHVYs don't care about ridges, and the GEVs skirted the maze to the far side and just ran over everything, starting in the top left and working down around to the bottom. I never even saw the reinforcements enter.

One thing I'm curious about, though. Which way is North? I just noticed during this scenario that reinforcements enter from the West, but where is West? There should probably be a compass rose on the map somewhere.
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