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Originally Posted by sir-talen View Post
Anyone have any luck with this scenario? I've tried five times with various strategies and counter mixes, and I can't seem to destroy more than four SP's before the reinforcements come in and wipe me out.
That's the one I got stuck on. I've tried three times now. The first attempt was with 15 SHVY (I like them, what can I say), the second was with 30 GEVs, and the third attempt was with a mix of GEVs and HVYs.

It always starts out well, then when I've got 1 or 2 outposts left those reinforcements just cave my face in.

I'm going to try again, I think with 30 HVY, in two prongs, and just run for the outposts. If there's a chance an Ogre can take a shot at you next turn, DO NOT STACK. The AI is smart enough to point every gun at one unit and murder you with the spillover fire. The outposts with SP take double damage for some reason, so if it has 60 SP you only need to hit it with 30 damage.
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