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I like your write-ups Naloth. The damage and DR level remains very manageable with KYOS and everything is relatively simple. They fel like humans with powers. Small comment on Things, he seems to be pretty impervious to his evil twin. With his DR and IT:DR he takes about 4 hits on average if he doesn't dodge so it would a good 10 hits before he even gets to 0 HP. Taking dodge into account, it means a good 20 swings before he gets there. A fight like this could drag on.
Thanks. The extra durability was intentional since being a brick is what he does and I even further penalized his move/dodge. I wanted him to be able to stay in fights a long time or even be able to do go from one fight to another without a problem. If it's too much you could easily drop IT:DR, but I suspect he'll take little bits of damage here. His speed and active defenses aren't that impressive, so he'll spend a lot time either lifting (for throwing) or doing AoA (Double, Strong, and Determined are all good for him).

If the Thing grabs something like a car and swings that instead, using AoA: Determined for a +4, he will do swing dmg (thr+2 or 8d+2) with say another +4 for the weapon (effectively a big 2hd maul). I'd also let him blow a fatigue point to add another +2 dmg making the total 8d+10, or 38 which does a more respectable 9 points per hit, or 18 if you drop IT:DR.
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