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Default Re: GURPS Supers Alternatives

275 ST 40* BL 10 tons Thr 8d
40 DX 13
60 IQ 13
30 HT 13
-27 Speed 5 (-1.5; Super -10%)

10 Charisma 2
15 Combat Reflexes
90 DR 20 (Super -10%)
12 Doesn’t Breathe (Breath Holding x100 -30%; Super -10%)
10 High Pain Threshold
48 IA 4d cr (Thunderclap; Cone 4 yd base, +100%; Range: 5/10 -20%; Side Effect: Stunning +50%; Super -10%)
40 IA 4d cr (Ground Pound; Area 4 yd radius +100%; Dbl Knockback +20%; Emanation -20%; Only those touching the ground -20%; Overhead, from underneath +30%; Super -10%)
45 IT:DR/2 (Super -10%)
1 Perk: Hard Fists (Super -10%)
14 Pressure Support 3 (Super -10%)
14 Sealed (Super -10%)
20 Talent: Hot Pilot 4
5 Vacuum Support (Super -10%)

36 Boxing-14 (DX+1) [4]; IA-13 (DX) [1]; Pilot!-13 (WC) [24]; Sports (Football)-12 (DX) [1]; Tactics-12 (IQ-1) [2];
Wrestling-14 (DX+1) [4]

-1 Enemy: Yancy Street Gang
-5 Ham-Fisted
-1 Proud
-5 Overconfidence
-5 Unnatural Features

721 Total

Designer's Notes
This is a simple version of The Thing. I didn't take points for SM+1, as he's usually with human norms. I did take points for +25 ST, so if his (Super) are neutralized, he has a ST 15, his speed goes up to 6.5, and he resumes a normal human appearance. Most of his points when into survival and brick traits. I rounded his fighting abilities out with innate attacks that should be good for crowd control.

Being a fairly simple brick, he is fair simpler to build under these house rules and his abilities cost considerably less than his total. IMO, that seems right. Sure, he's tough and strong, but look what the others do in the same scale. Susan is also tough, has lots of diverse abilities, and good attacks. Reed can duke it out with the Thing and he's a genius scientist with a number of wildcards in addition. The Thing really only has his Piloting skills to fall back on when depowered (though he's a pretty good pilot with an effective 17 skill in almost anything).
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