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Default Re: GURPS Black Ops for 4e?

Skills and Character Templates
The Black Op templates presented on p. BO77-81 have huge skills lists. One concept introduced in GURPS Fourth Edition was the Wildcard skill—a “catch all” skill that encompasses much more than a typical skill (see p. B175). The templates below make extensive use of the skills in Basic, plus present some more. These are explained below—the GM should feel free to add any skills not listed below, as the examples given are not comprehensive. During customization, if the player wishes to improve only a part of the skill, he may do so by paying the difference in points between the level of the desired skill and the base wildcard skill. For example, all Combat Ops have Gun!-22 [DX+6], which provides all firearm, beam weapon, and gunnery skills (among others). The player wishes to be particularly good with rifles, and wants to have Guns(Rifle) at a level of 27 [DX+11]. The player just pays the difference in cost for an Easy skill moving from DX+6 to DX+11, or 20 points.
Expert Skill (Grey (IQ/Hard): Covers known information about Grey history, psychology, physiology, behavior, weaponry, methods and motives. Covers known information about the Grey. Can serve as Anthropology, History, Physiology, Psychology, Sociology, Strategy, and so on when answering questions about their nature, means, and motives.

A few of these are not found on the templates; they can be used as optional skills when bringing the PCs up to their suggested point totals. Business! would be appropriate for Intel or Security Ops; Musician! would make a nice disguise for an Intel Op who could stand in for a singer, instrumentalist, or composer as part of a cover story.
Ass Kicking! (DX) Beating, bending, or carving someone up right up close and personal. Brawling, Boxing, Karate, Wrestling, Sumo, Judo, and ALL derived techniques are included at your Ass Kicking! level (where a Technique defaults to skill, such as Arm Lock, you get no additional bonuses). Also includes all modern military hand-to-hand weapons such as combat knives (Knife), bayonets (Spear), batons and machetes (Shortsword), and small axes and entrenching tools (Axe/Mace).

Athlete! (DX) is a catch-all for general ability to play, and discuss, all forms of physical sports and activities. Includes Sports , Acrobatics, Bicycling, Climbing, Dancing, Jumping, Hiking (HT based), Lifting, Running, and Throwing. Also includes such items as Skating, Skiing, and Swimming.

Business!(IQ) The entrepreneur or high-financier, the embodiment of getting things done when buying, selling, investing, or trading. Accounting, Administration, Carousing, Current Affairs, Detect Lies, Economics, Fast-Talk, Finance, Law (Corporate), Market Analysis, Merchant, Savoir-Faire (Business), Connoisseur(Cigars), and Games(Poker). Make a DX based roll for Sports (Golf),

Computers!(IQ) is the all-encompassing skill of those who are One with computers. Computer Hacking, Computer Programming, and Computer Operation. Plus Engineer(Electronics), Electronics Repair, or Electronics Operations skills involving computer equipment. This skill also includes Mathematics (Applied) as well as code making and breaking that’s computer related (Cryptography). Computers! can also substitute for Scrounging computer parts or equipment.

Con Artist!(IQ) is the skill used by those pulling one over on people. It includes many kinds of deceptions and fraudulent behavior, including forgery, embezzlement, and counterfeiting. It is more about getting people to believe something and act a certain way—for more overt naughtiness, take Perp!. Skills include Accounting (cooking the books), Acting, Body Language, Carousing, Counterfeiting, Criminology, Detect Lies, Fast-Talk, Forgery, Gambling, Holdout, Intimidation, Psychology, Savoir-Faire, Sex Appeal (HT based), Streetwise; DX based rolls are allowed for Sleight of Hand and Filch.

Culture! (IQ) Artist, Connoisseur, Current Affairs, History, Literature, Philosophy, Poetry, Savior-Faire, Theology, and Writing.

Detective!(IQ) see p. B175.

Doctor!(IQ) Everything medical, from first aid to major surgery. Possible skills include Bioengineering, Biology, Chemistry (drugs and anesthetics) Diagnosis, Electronics Operation (Medical), First Aid, Pharmacy, Physician, Physiology, Poisons, Psychology, and Surgery.

Drive!(DX) All specializations for all vehicles, including ground vehicles, aerospace vehicles, and watercraft. Includes Driving, Pilot, Motorcycle, Boating, and Submarine, and all derived Techniques. The PC may make an IQ based roll against Drive! for diagnosing problems or simple repairs.

Electronics!(IQ) Includes Electronics Operation , Electronics Repair , and Engineer(Electronics). It can also substitute for any skill that is involved with the use of electronic equipment, such as Photography for taking digital photographs, or Diagnosis if using automated medical equipment.

Engineer!(IQ) includes all specialties of Engineer, as well as Computer Programming, Mathematics(Applied), and any rolls against Physics, Chemistry, or Metallurgy for design-related issues, including determining how to reverse engineer something. Also encompasses Electronics Operation for any kind of diagnostic and test equipment used in the design, evaluation, and prototyping of a new piece of technology. If the character has been out of the lab at all, this skill will also include Scrounging.

Gun!(DX) see p. B175.

Military!(IQ) is the applied version of the Solider skill, and includes most of the esoteric military skills other than employing weapons. As with Recon!, Military allows a roll at +4 vs anything covered by Soldier. In addition, Military! includes Explosives, Scuba, Hazardous Materials (Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological weapons), NBC Suit, and Savoir-Faire (Military). Also includes Strategy, Tactics, and History(Military). Parachuting is DX based; Hiking is based on HT.

Mr. Fixit!(IQ) The skill for certain types of characters around whom nothing stays broken for long. Mechanic, Machinist, Armoury, Electrican, Electronics Repair , and Smith. Also includes Scrounging for locating parts and equipment.

Musician!(IQ) includes all musical skills, instrumental, vocal, and performance. The Musician! can write a symphony, sing an aria, and play any instrument. Skills covered are Connoisseur (Music), Current Affairs (High Culture or Pop Culture), Electronics Operation (Media), Expert Skill (Musicology), Group Performance (Conducting), Musical Composition, Musical Influence, Musical Instrument, and Singing. Note Singing is based on HT.

Negotiator! This smooth-talking operator is the ultimate debater or crisis manager. Able to see all sides of the issue and bring the right questions to bear, as well. The Negotiator! is skilled at Acting, Body Language, Current Affairs, Detect Lies, Diplomacy, Fast-Talk, Interrogation, Intimidation, Persuade (based on Will), Public Speaking, Savoir-Faire , and Suggest (Will).

Performer! All physical and mental skills involved with pretending you’re someone that you’re not. Includes Acrobatics, Acting, all Enthrallment skills, Dancing, Disguise and Makeup, Performance, Group Performance, Public Speaking, Psychology, Sex Appeal, and Stage Combat. For characters such as singers and musicians, take Musician! as well.

Perp! (IQ) This is the skill of the criminal, breaking and entry artist, or professional thug. A blend of physical and mental skills: Body Language, Carousing, Criminology, Detect Lies, Fast-Talk, Holdout, Intimidation, Lockpicking, Psychology, Shadowing, Streetwise, and Urban Survival are IQ based, while Climbing, Escape, Filch, Forced Entry, Pickpocket, Sleight of Hand , and Stealth are based on DX.

Politician!(IQ) Accounting, Acting, Administration, all Enthrallment skills (Will based), Carousing, Detect Lies, Economics, Fast-Talk, Interrogation, Intimidation, Law (only within your Cultural Familiarities), Leadership, Public Speaking, Politics, Propaganda, Psychology, Savior-Faire, and Sex Appeal (HT based).

Recon! (IQ) The art of stalking, tracking, and observing—the quintessential point man skill. Usually (but not always) learned in military service, it covers Stealth (floats to DX), Camouflage, Gesture, Shadowing, Traps, Observation, and Tracking. Also includes Navigation (Land). Characters that actually learned this skill in a military or equivalent organization may substitute Recon! for Forward Observer, Intelligence Analysis, Savior-Faire(Military), or +4 on any roll against the Soldier skill.

Science! see p. B175.

Sword! see p. B175.
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