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Default Re: GURPS Supers Alternatives

First stab at the Fastest Man Alive! Comments welcomed.

Flash V1
ST 10 DX 15 IQ 14 HT 13
HP 10 Per 14 Will 14 FP 23
Thr Dam 3d BL 24lbs Speed 10 Move 10

Punch (15) 3d cr, Parry 12
Lightning Punch (15) 8d cr, Parry 12
Speed Bolt (15) 12d burn, Side-Effect, Stunning, Surge, Range 20
Vacuum (15) 3d Fatigue, AE 8yrds, Respiratory Agent, Suffocation, Melee, if damage penetrates, target must succeed a HT roll at -1 per 2 points of damage or become Dazed for (20-HT) minutes
Wind Blast (15) 10d cr, Cone 5 Yards, Selectivity, 2x KB, No Wounding

POWERS [1378] • all powers Connection to the Speed Force -10%
Speed Force Expert Talent 8 [40]
Speed Force Connection Damage Reduction (5) plus Immunity to Friction, Speed and Acceleration effects plus Enhanced Time Sense plus Regeneration (Very Fast) plus Very Fit plus Striking ST 10 plus DX +3, HT+2, FP+10, Speed +3 [411]
Super-Running 20 Enhanced Move (Running) 1, Second-Nature plus Clinging and Walk on Liquid, while running at high speed [75]
Super-Speed Altered Time Rate 6 [540]

SUPER-SPEED POWERS • all Alternate Abilities to Super-Speed (ATR)
Hyper-Running 1,000,000 Enhanced Move (Running) 15, Second-Nature, Travel Time [108]
Hyper-Speed Altered Time Rate 10 (100), Super-Speed, Out of Combat [100]
Lightning Punches Striking ST +20 [8]
Quicker Than the Eye Invisibility, Affects Machines, Can be detected by recording devices in slow motion, Can carry Heavy Enc, Switchable, Must be in Movement [20]
Speed Bolt 12d burn, Side-Effect, Stunning, Surge, Must be running, Reduced Range (5) [16]
Twister 4d cr, Area-Effect 8 yards, Double Knockback, Link, Mobile 1, Persistent, Side-Effect, Dazed, Melee (C), Not in Vacuum plus Obscure 5 (Vision), Link, Mobile 1, Not in Vacuum [19]
Vacuum 3d Fatigue, Area-Effect 8 yards, Respiratory Agent, Suffocation, Melee (C) [16]
Vibro-Phasing Permeation (Very Common) [8]
Wind Blast 10d cr, Cone 5 Yards, Selectivity, Double Knockback, No Wounding [17]

The Fastest Man Alive! Reputation +3, Almost everyone, All the time; [15]
CSI Officer Police Rank 1 plus Legal Enforcement Powers [10]

CSI! (WC) 14 [24] Fast Talk (IQ/A) 14 [2]
Speed Force! (WC) 15 [24]

CSI! Includes Administration (Police Force), Area Knowledge (Central City and Keystone), Biology, Chemistry, Criminology, Current Affairs (Crimes), First-Aid, Forensics, Interrogation, Law (Criminal), Observation, Pharmacy, Poisons, Psychology (Criminals), Research, Search, Sociology

Speed Force! Includes Acrobatics (Running), Area Knowledge (World, Timestream, Multiverse), Brawling, Fast-Draw, Navigation, Physics (Speed Force), Running, Throwing, Wrestling

Iris, CCPD, Star Labs Contact Groups, Skill 15-, Often 9-, Usually Reliable plus Dependent Rarely 6- [0]
Jay, Wally, Jesse Contact Groups, Skill 15-, Often 9-, Usually Reliable plus Dependent Rarely 6- [8]
Rogue Gallery Enemy, Rarely 6-, Medium size group [-10]

CSI Officer Curious 12-, Duty, Often 9- [-10]
Code Versus Killing Pacifism; Cannot Kill [-15]
It’s all my Fault Charitable 12- plus Guilt Complex plus Selfless 9- plus Sense of Duty plus Workaholic [-43]
Secret Id, Barry Allen Harassment/relatives may be threatened [-10]
Super-Fast Metabolism Increased Consumption 1 [-10]

Question, How would his Speed Force Talent interact with his Speed Force Wildcard? Would it add to it? Does it mean he would attack at 23 and not 15?

Flash could take 7 maneuvers in a second like disarming or saving hostages or punching villains for 3d cr damage.
Between Super-Running and Super-Speed, he can run 500km/h without breaking a sweat.
Alternatively, he can:
• Run at 3,600,000 km/h
• Complete any non-combat task 500 times faster (ATR and Speed Force Talent)
• Concentrate his super-fast punches for more damage (Lightning Punches)
• Run so fast he will remain unnoticed
• Concentrate an electrical bolt coming from the Speed Force
• Use his speed to create a twister, a vacuum or a wind blast
• Vibrate through matters
Barry has dedicated his life to two field of expertise, solving crimes(CSI!) and understanding and manipulating the Speed Force (Speed Force!)
Although he has other challenges, what drives him is his belief that It Is All His Fault.

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