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Originally Posted by nudj View Post
Hey, guys. I had some correspondence from Kromm on KYOS.
He indicated the following which may be of interest:

1. He definitely agrees with dropping the “per die” on Brawling, Karate, Weapon Master, the throwing damage table, etc...

2. This is tentative, but he was super generous on throwing distance. So if you have ST 40, you use the table with BL 20000 and multiply the throwing multiplier by OLD ST 317. So even though damage is 8d you can throw big cars out of a stadium. This fits with your log damage interpretation, but even if you use linear damage, you can always jack up Striking St cheaply.
1) Altogether or replacing it with a fixed bonus like was suggested earlier in the thread?

2) That's interesting but distance hasn't ever come up as an issue for me.

For example throwing a pretty sizable 4000 lb car:
-ST 30 (Spidey, BL 2,000 lbs) has a ratio of 2 for a x.3 distance, allowing him to hurl it 9 yards. Not bad, and perhaps even more than you would expect from Spidey.
- ST 40 (Thing, BL 20,000 lbs) has a ratio of .2 for a x1.5 distance, allowing him to hurl it 60 yards. That's a luxury car hurled most of the way down a football field - certainly good for combat distance.

Both are far enough for combat throwing and you could further throw on a level or 2 of Super Throw if you want distance that's much higher than your ST.

Under the old system:
-ST 30/120, for BL 2,880 lbs., that's ~36 yards.
-ST 33/320, for BL 20,000 lbs, that's 480 yards.

Those seem just seem awfully high, especially as a starting value. I just don't see Spidey throwing a 2013 Ford Taurus 1/3 of a football field.
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