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Originally Posted by naloth View Post
The only thing I'd really worry about is that combat will be down to dirty tricks and critical failures. WW should have good defenses, but 15+ that can be further improved will mean she hardly ever fails anything.

Higher skill levels are probably justified if you want to keep the high defense values. WW should have enough skill to deceptive attack through similar defense values or multi-strike against lesser foes. After all, Superman effective has ATR/2 for 3 actions per turn after a similar level. WW's distinction needs to be that her attacks strike home with a wound multiplier.

I don't think you really need the supplemental DR on the bracelets and shield. IIRC, supers says just to buy the DB bonus as a power and take gadget limitations against it for a plot protected shield.

On a side note, I'm curious how yours would do vs mine in a straight up match. Both have a parry 15 (bracelets), both have ~18 skill, yours does a lot more damage, but injury would accumulate a bit slower since it's IT:DR/5 instead of IT:DR/2. My guess is that it would mostly be rolling - whichever got critical success or failure first.

Diana doesn't really lose her powers often (in contrast to Superman) and with her new improved origin could actually justify Cosmic of some level.
All very good points. I might have been a bit heavy handed on Defensive Bonuses. Pushing the skills higher would essenially mean pushing DX higher (point efficiency), that's why I avoided it. It reinforces that I should consolidate skills even further (aka broader combat skills) or even full on embrace Wildcard skills (no standard skills).

Aside from that, I could lower her DBs (and DR associated with shield and bracelets) and improve her IT:DR instead.

Not sure I would want to give her cosmic on her powers but maybe a power modifier at -5% or even 0% would be more appropriate.

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