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Originally Posted by DreadDomain View Post
Naloth, this is excellent. GURPS is perhaps my favorite rule set and 4th it's best incarnation but if there is something I would have hoped it would have done better is scaling of ST/HP/DR/dmg.
Sure, thanks.

From my experience this really works well with cinematic games where you have a mix of high stat and normal stat characters with over the top weapons. For those that stay to roughly human ranges, you really don't need any adaptions (and since most of this helps stuff with 20+ damage or attributes it wouldn't affect that).

1) Part of the work is to rewrite equipment and vehicle within the KYOS framework. Have you redone the weapon tables or are you translating on the fly?
I posted examples of weapons/equipment from my spreadsheet that has every value from 1-1000 (ST/DR/average damage dice), so that while I can plug them into the formulas, I can also look them up.

2) Superheroes are often super competent in a broad range of topics. Do you use a mix of normal skills and wildcard skills or have you reduce the skill list so hyper competent heroes would end up with a number of skills that is more manageable?
Generally, I haven't messed much with the skill system. Of course, higher defaults and powers that offer skill bonuses, plus the ability to take a Wild Talent where necessary, often eliminates the need for an excessive skill list. Personally, I prefer using wildcard skills somewhat liberally in all games to represent someone competent in a profession or type of activity. It beats trying to get all the right skills for someone like a physician or computer hacker, figuring out what to default what from, etc.

3) Regarding Slams, do you use the Dungeon Fantasy variant? If so, I suspect you would use the +damage modifier only once instead of per die.
I don't have much DF stuff, so I may not have seen that.

4) Do you use IT:DR at all or is it banned?
Sure, it's allowed and even works better for some concepts. Generally I see more people using it for the "I take half damage from fire" type concepts, but you could certainly take it either with or instead of DR. It's just that you don't really need it as an alternative when DR can still do its job at a reasonable price point. IT:DR also makes a good alternative to noting "massless" HP, which tends to be somewhat confusing.

5) Regarding Spider-Man, I believe Climbing Line and Swinging should be part of the webshooters (but that's debatable). Have you tested the character against himself? It looks likes it is going to be a dodge fest until one connects and then it's over (ok, maybe not, at 5d+2 and HP 15 it will likely send him into negative and stun him but he probably won't be knocked out with HT 13 and Very Fit). I suppose this is the effect you are going for?
Without his web shooters he can't really use those perks, so yes, that's a good point.

The movie version did essentially dodge (and dodge and dodge) until he took a solid hit and got the "stay down kid" speech, so this might be fair from a movie POV. From a player point of view, you would probably want to add IT:DR (/2 or /3, maybe /5). That will allow him to stay in the fight even after getting hit. I wouldn't add DR since he's just "flesh" or more HP since he doesn't have that mass.

6) I see Susan has Hard to Kill, how to you deal with death? Do you use the normal rules or something else?
A house rule we've been using since 3e is that the first failure causes unconsciousness even if it was a life check instead of a consciousness check. Other than that, normal rules. As for Susan: she's often "mistaken for dead" and also very fragile.

7) Regarding Absorption, do you feel that 1 point fading each turn leads to a bit too much bookkeeping?
It usually works out in chunks since it's only useful for abilities which cost X points ("Fixed ST" here which is 8 points/lvl), which doesn't make it so bad.

By the way, keep the characters coming, this is great!
Sure, Sure, I'll probably do a more that are a pain to represent with "normal" rules, but are iconic (well-known) super heroes or villains. I have to stat those from scratch, but it's easier for people to compare with known.
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