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Default Re: GURPS Supers Alternatives

Quick and dirty Hulk like example:

ST 40 (Thr 8d; BL 10 tons) [300]
DX 11 [20]
IQ 10 [0] (The hulk probably deserves Will 15+ for being hard to control)
HT 13 [30]

Alternate Form* (Human/Scientist, built on 150 points) [15]
DR 20 (Absorption "Fixed ST" i.e. no HP x10 +50%; Tough Skin -40%) [100]
Doesn't Breathe (Breath Holding x50, -40%) [12]
High Pain Threshold [10]
Regeneration (Instant) [100]
Resistant to Metabolic Hazards (+8) [15]
Super Jumping 7 (w/Move 6) [70]
Very Fit [15]

Brawling-13 (DX+2, punch 8d-1) [4]

Total 761 before disads and other abilities. Easy to round out for ~750 points.


First off, this closer to the (stoppable) movie version than the normal or even world breaker hulk normally presented in the comics. It wouldn't be hard to scale him up to being able to take on an entire team, but as presented he would be a balanced as the brick for a team of a 750ish point characters with the flavor of the hulk.

His punch damage is Thr-2, plus 1 for Brawling for 8d-1 cr. Lift starts 10 tons with a starting max around 100 tons. See absorption below for how this grows with damage.

DR 20 allows him to absorb up to 20 points per attack and funnel that into ST for a maximum bonus of +10 when he's absorbed 100 points. That leaks away at 1 point per turn. +10 ST gives him a max ST 50 with a BL100 tons and a max lift around 1k tons. His damage would go up to 10d+1.

Regeneration scales with HP, so with x4 HP, he gets back 4 HP per second. Bullets do blunt trauma, but not very fast. He'll likely pick up a car to block a squad of troops unloading with automatic weapons (which is actually what he did in the movie).

Super Jump with a move of 6 works out to (10 ft x 128 = 427 yds per jump and a Jump Move of 85).

*I have allowed a house rule version for Alternate Form. Effectively you can have another character sheet worth 1/5 the value of your current character to transform into. It's often easier than building a template and taking 10% off it since you'll likely be spending more game time using your expensive form. By canon, you'd actually take all the advantages the super form has and make them an add on to your "normal character" to come up with the final total.

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