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Musing on ages:

So 495 for the founding of the Empire itself and 501 for start of the Imperial schools. Which means that Imperials born and raised ('farmed fur') in 532 can't be any older than mid-thirties.

And the first Marine regiments as such were established in 507. So any Marines with more than 25 years in uniform would have started as Foundation troops of some sort.
Those are the unavoidable necessities of examining the process by which the Empire rediscovered the Periphery. In view of the Empire's necessary attitudes to what might be out there I couldn't get them to put off Survey any longer. And I couldn't extend Survey much by increasing the number of colonies because Survey is really cheap and the Empire's wealth is growing fast in this period. Besides, to get more colonies I had to postpone the Destruction of Earth, and when I did that population and development on Tau Ceti got out of hand.

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