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Default Re: Speculating on RPK's new GURPS supplements

Originally Posted by Rasputin View Post
If it's akin to the other games in the grab-and-go line, then it wouldn't have a setting per se. I also doubt it would be zombie apocalypse, but post-apocalpyse that could have zombies. Or cars; GURPS Car Wars 4e sounds fun.
Just like the other grab-and-go lines, I'm almost certain it will have a default setting. The default setting for Dungeon Fantasy is a generally low-tech, TL3ish fantasy setting with magic and gods and dungeons to loot, the default setting for Action is TL8 near-reality, and the default setting for MH is TL8 wainscot fantasy.

I wouldn't be surprised if that default setting doesn't include zombie-like creatures, but I'd be surprised if that default setting specified that was the only apocalyptic item - I fully expect it to include radiation hazards and the like as well.
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