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Default Re: Low-Tech Missile Weapon Range and Accuracy

Douglas, are we sure we want a strictly proportional relationship?

It is my impression that the curve flattens out somewhat at the extremes, where more energy is lost accelerating the heavier bowlimbs.

That would depend on the material used, of course, but for normal wood and normal bow design, I'd say that the middle of the human range yields a better efficiency than the top.

In other words, the GURPS method of adding a flat modifier based on bow length to thr damage might not be that far off (except that thr damage for higher ST is too high).

The range in the basic rules is a proportional relationship, of course.

The methods for measuring range given in sources I've come across vary enough to make it problematic for me to get any sort of feeling for them. The top ranges with 'flight' arrows are very high, but that has zero relevance for combat use. Except that in some cases, the arrow termed 'flight' arrows are probably lethal enough (even if not as good as proper broadheads) and in other cases they are purely sporting arrows.

I've seen sources which claim that bodkin arrows achieve better range than Type 16 broadheads. I'm not sure how much of a difference there is.

The extreme range for a 150lb longbow in experiments for The Great Warbow was 357 yards with a war arrow. If that's a ST 15 bow in GURPS terms, the ranges given aren't too far off.
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