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Default Re: Low-Tech Missile Weapon Range and Accuracy

Originally Posted by JAW
Well no eight year olds has ST 11...

Could be a job for mythbusters.. Somebody of fairly normal strength and little archery practise should just pick up a longbow and shoot at a target drawing it to "chest" - or to where he can draw it (probably to nose instead of ear or something).. IF drawing he bow fully was something people were proud of - it could be something not everyone could do..
We know that drawing a 150lb longbow is something not everyone could do. That's why longbows of lighter draw weights existed.

On the other hand, no one who could not draw at least a 100lb warbow fully had any business on a battlefield. Since his arrows wouldn't penetrate the armour of the day, he'd be an encumbrance more than an asset.

No one is arguing that any Englishman could draw a 150lb warbow. We are, however, arguing that the pool of men who were potential military archers mostly could.
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