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Default Re: Minor League Supers [Powers/Supers]

The Freakers are a team of fugitives constantly on the run from the evil laboratory where they were being held captive until they managed to escape as well as the authorities for the many times they have stolen transportation and the necessities of life. Their members include:

Daddy Long Legs: Daddy has stretching, but only in his legs.

Gloworm: Has his legs fused together. This is unrelated to his ability to generate bright light.

Reptilian: Reptilian is a brilliant physicist and mathematician from a much more advanced civilization who, with the right equipment might be able to build a time machine or an interstellar teleporter. He's not sure which.
Unfortunately the right equipment is in short supply and he also lacks the equipment to speak English. He has scales, claws and a tail.

Kid Kaos: When agitated Kid manifests poltergeist activity. His lack of control makes him a problematic member, but the others bear in mind that his outbursts are what let them escape in the first place.

Fallen: An extremely beautiful hermaphrodite who can float a bit, and heal and tranquilize people by touching them. They have a set of non-functional wings, one of which is horribly mangled. Fallen doesn't seem to be able to heal that.

Figurine: A girl who would more accurately be described as translucent than invisible. She looks like she's made of glass. If she's naked she's hard to see, almost impossible if the lighting is poor.

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