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Default Re: Minor League Supers [Powers/Supers]

Originally Posted by Gold & Appel Inc View Post
With respect, I can't resist an unsolicited minor re-write of this:
Suicide Girl is DOA's girlfriend. She is Unkillable. This makes her the clear supreme physical monster in this group, and she knows it, but her generally downbeat and unassertive personality and personal loyalty to DOA, who secretly writes goth poetry and really "gets" her despite the toughguy act etc, keeps her from flexing her muscle within the group unless roused directly. When bullets are already flying, she's front and center. When the group needs a subtle threat, not a hairy beast, she is their glum but unflappable envoy. She doesn't give the orders, but word is the power behind the Dead Boyz is a girl who won't die.
Well, it depends on what else she can do. If 'all' she is is unkillable, she's good as a bullet magnet, and that's about it. Unkillability, regeneration, etc. aren't much use in a powered combat environment unless they let you use some other ability in ways it couldn't otherwise be used. They are very handy in other areas, of course - they misadventure-proof you.
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