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Problems with adjDX

In adventure mode: Simonn (ST10 DX14) vs Grizzly Bear

Turn 4 -- Simonn was hit for 7 damage:"Taking 5 or more points of damage means your next DX roll will be at -2". OK so far. Could mention here that ST is now 3 or less however.

Turn 5 -- Simonn disengages, bear could not attack. Hmm... see below.

Turn 6 -- Simonn attacks first but at "-2DX for previous injury, -3 to DX because remaining ST is 3 or less". Hmm...

Two things.
1. If Simonn's DX is -5 due to injury effects (adjDX=9), then the Bear should attack first at adjDX=11 (on both turns 5 and 6).
2. Shouldn't the temporary -2DX for 5+ damage on turn 4 apply to the next *action* (ie the turn 5 disengage), not the next *attack*, which might occur several turns later (as in this example, turn 6).

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