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Default Re: Hyperdense Shielding?

Originally Posted by GodBeastX View Post
How can you say the density of hyperdense isn't known? It gains 1.5 times the weight. You can use that with mass and volume to calculate densities =)

But from it's description they are using particles to replace components of the atom with muons which is like... no idea what that'd do XD
Heh, now we just need to know how much of a blades edge is turned into hyper dense and we're on our way :D

There are a few problems with using muons... they don't last long... they decay in seconds into gamma rays and the like and if you have enough of them to form the edge of a blade.... the energy realsesd when they decay is going to cause a little... boom.... and by little I mean.... like a nuclear bomb...

I came across an old post by Anthony where he said that hyper dense has twice the strength of Traveller's bounded super dense.... and sure enough it fits. Bounded super dense is 14 stronger then RHA steel and if hyper dense twice that it has DR1,960/in.

Ok, let's test this out and see if it works. Going off of the progression in Spaceships hyper dense has a WM (weight modifier) of 0.4 and If hyper dense is modeled off of super dense it has a density 1.875 that of iron. To figure a materials WM we take its density in pounds per cubic foot, divide that by 12 and then take the product and dived it the materials DR/in. That gives us (914/12)/1,960 which equals 0.039, which would be rounded up to 0.4.

So it's safe to say that we now know hyper denses DR/in and density!
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