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Default Re: Hyperdense Shielding?

Originally Posted by Tallor View Post
Packed sand does a decent job of stopping radiation. Bricks and concrete are better. Steel is better still, and lead is typically considered the best.

But lead isn't really the most dense. For instance, depleted uranium is significantly more dense (although much more pricey) and could make for thin but powerful shielding.

This got me thinking--what about TL11 "hyperdense" materials? Perhaps cheaply producing osmium or some other ultra-dense material could produce even thinner shielding for the same mass!

What do you think?
There is no RAW exploitation of how dense hyper dense is. But given that David is a Traveller fan and Ultra-Tech does borrow a few things from it (The 4mm Gauss rifle is a direct lift and the way plasma guns are described are very close to how they work in Traveller), there's a good chance that hyper dense has a mass of about 16g/cc.
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