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Default Re: Gloop Guns from The Incredibles

Originally Posted by munin View Post
In The Incredibles movie, there's a scene where Mr. Incredible is trying to escape the computer room and a bunch of cannons fire sticky "gloop" at him. A single hit doesn't really slow him down (except by distraction), but after enough hits he's encased and unable to move. I was trying to think how to model this as a GURPS ability.

Binding is the obvious choice, but the gloop isn't really something you can break out of with a ST roll -- which is something no enhancement I know of can get rid of for Binding. It's probably not Unbreakable -- you could probably burn it off or just scrape it off. It obviously doesn't have One-Shot since it gets stronger with more hits, but you can't simply "break free" of the first ST 1 hit. The gloop is probably Sticky, but that's not important.

Can you have a Binding from which you can't break free (either by ST or Escape) but which must be attacked to get rid of it? And you're not grappled/rooted-in-place until the layers reach some amount (your ST probably)?

Affliction is a secondary possibility, probably reducing DX and Move cumulatively. But although you can dodge the attacks, you can't really resist them once they've hit, which is verboten for Affliction. Maybe move the resistance roll to DX -- if you succeed on your resistance roll the gloop hit you but in a location which didn't affect your movement, but after dozens of hits you'll have failed some rolls slowing you down and making it harder to resist…
What about an innate attack that does fatigue dmg?
This way you'll eventually get that slowing affect
And we avoid the inherent resistance rolls attached to affliction. Eventually that target will pass out due to exhaustion. Tho honestly it should have a follow up affliction with a penalty to dx to represent the awkward stickiness that presumably interferes with things. The dx penalty should be unresistable tho due to the nature of the attack. Their may be a modifier for that, Im sure I've seen it in a book somewhere

You could do it with affliction, maybe change the based on ht to based on dodge. I would actually increase the value of that though since active defenses are not subjected to quick contests.

Tho I confess I've never seen the movie.
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