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Default Re: Power-Ups for RPM?

Originally Posted by Nosforontu View Post
Actually it says you and people or things that you are carrying. I prefer your ruling a bit more though and it would go a long way of offsetting my concerns for the price.
Which leads me to believe that people touching you are also affected. Its a logical assumption - playing it any other way does not make the price worth the effect of the ability.

Originally Posted by Nosforontu View Post
Natural Caster is why I am thinking that 20 points a level base line with a base radius of effect "you and everything you are carrying" might be slightly overpriced at 20 points a level when it modifies fewer skills, and then only for energy accumulation
And yet, those same skills can do most every spell in the standard system and many that it can't do. You also need to remember this is only a +1 bonus that others can benefit from. High Mana and Very High Mana are way better deals than anything a Place of Power could give. I suppose you could create a specific talent that covered only Path skills and Thaumatology for 10/level, and then add area of effect/affect others....but that would be 20 points... Still, I've used 20/level for the past 10 or 12 months and the two character that have had it have had happy players, not grumbling ones.

Originally Posted by Nosforontu View Post
Almost correct Area of effect for Mana Enhancer begins with essentially area of effect [Personal] everything you are carrying, the first level of area of effect [50%] only gives a radius of 1 yard. You need another level of Area of effect to bump it up to two yards for a 100%, which I believe kicks the math up for identical levels of area of effect to 40 poins a level, though it would only be 30 points a level to affect characters within range to touch the Mana Enhancer.
Always on "aura" effects have already been stated by Kromm as basically being Aura (+80%) + Always On (-40%) + Melee Attack C (-30%). So...that follows with Mana Enhancer. Again, if you are requiring characters with Mana Enhancer to physically hold other casters to get the bonus...well I've never done it that way, I've never seen anyone do it that way. Touching should be plenty.

Originally Posted by Nosforontu View Post
If RPM changes Mana enhancer to being touch based rather than everything I am carrying I think it shifts the math enough to work for RPM a lot better.
See above.
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