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Default Re: Catalog of the Weird Parallels

Vacuole parallels are parallels where the entire universe an arbitrary volume, smaller than Earth, with an environment is comparable to Earth, despite the lack of plants for oxygen, planet for gravity, and sun for heat and light.

Vacuole-1: This parallel contains nothing but 47 kittens. The rest of the space is blank whiteness. The introns of each of the kittens is encoded with 2000 characters of Baudot. The first kitten was encoded with the contents of the Kryptos statue. The rest of the kittens have not been decrypted. There is no clear source of food for the kittens and they have not aged for the 3 years the parallel has been known for.

Vacuole-2: This parallel contains a number city blocks from different cities in different times all next to each other. When someone observers a block, it's as if everyone in the block suddenly disappeared. The blocks seem to replace and rearrange themselves when no one is looking. There have been cases where the conveyor was in the removed city block; searching is unproductive.

Vacuole-3: This parallel is nothing but a large buffet. There are always just enough tables for the number of people in the parallel and there is always more than enough food and drink.

Vacuole-4: This parallel is small mansion surrounded by an acre of forest. If the inhabitants are to be believed, this parallel is a virtual reality (evident by they're insistence in removing "rogue programs").

Vacuole-5: This parallel is a building with a confusing, and often impossible layout. Most of the doors are locked someway or another; a huge amount equipment is broken, but all of the components are somewhere in the complex. Infinity has a team trying to sort out the mess because there is allegedly some kind of parachronic device sealed inside.

Vacuole-6: This parallel is a pool hall with only 10 pool tables. Each of the pool tables has non-standard balls arranged in a very particular order, all identical. It's probably a coincidence that a scout sank the 6th ball on the 4th table the same day a quantum 4 world's Saturn vanished.
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