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Default Re: Ideas for Anti Robot Technology

Originally Posted by Varyon View Post

More likely:
3. If there are more than 1 targets of highest value, determine priority target randomly.

At the very least, step 3 would be when they call in for help, and probably take a defensive posture while waiting for a response (instead of standing around waiting for a HEAT missile to the face). It would probably confer with nearby NU's first, probably going with the consensus target (that is, it errs on the side of backing up its squad). If the other NU's are equally split, similarly stuck, fail to respond, or if it's alone, it would attempt to contact the AU in charge of it. Failing that, it makes a random choice.
I am not convinced the zone minds would tolerate NUs that can make random decisions. It would cause more problems for the zone minds than it solves. Even AUs would only be able to make random decisions within a narrowly defined set of parameters. As far as I can tell Overmind's issue with humans is that it can't control them so they pose an unacceptable risk.
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