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Default Re: Do the Archery rules cover this?

Playing around with the Martial Arts rules here: assuming a realistic game.

Special Setup Perk, as DWA is not normally something that can be offset with a technique in a realistic game. In this case, this technique requires (say) a minute of preparation for the archer to get "settled in" to the space, arrange their equipment properly, sight the target, etc. Any change in the archers facing, position, target, or target location requires another minute of preparation.

(Adjust requirements to taste).

Archer will usually want to Fast Draw arrows with this technique, at least 2 at a time (at -2 per roll).

Ancient Fast Firing Technique of my Ancestors
Hard technique, defaults to Bow-3, can be bought up to a maximum of Bow skill.
Prerequisite: Special Setup Perk (AFFTomA)

Note: The normal use of this technique counts as a special All Out Attack option, and cannot be combined with other AOA options. It can be used in combat as a regular attack at an additional -5 penalty - this penalty cannot be bought off.

The Archer must have two arrows to perform this technique. The Archer makes a roll at AFFTomA-2 to reduce the time to ready the bow to 1 second (0 seconds with a Fast Draw roll).

The Archer then makes two bow attacks at AFFTomA level, with the following adjustments - Damage is -2 (or -1/die, whichever is worse) and 1/2dam and Max ranges are halved. An animate target gets -1 to defend due to the sheer speed of the attack. Both arrows must be fired at the same target.


Behind the scenes:
This is based on using an All Out Attack: Determined to execute a realistic Quick-Shooting as per Martial Arts p120 - can be performed at -6 on range conditions, +1 for Determined. I'm granting the +1 also to the roll to quick-ready the bow as I'm a kind and loving GM[1].
Note that in battlefield conditions there is an additional -4 penalty to use this in a realistic campaign! As I am a kind and loving GM[1], I allow it to be used on the battlefield without the -4 as long as you're still All Out Attacking...
Quick-Shooting is combined with the Dual-Weapon attack option (which is realistic to use, but normally not to buy off). In this case there's a little handwaving and this can represent firing firing two at once, or one arrow at a time, so close together the target still gets the -1 to defences from sheer surprise. I'm cool either way, that's just game fluff, not mechanics.
The downsides to this technique are the damage penalty (giving a +4) and two Special Drawbacks (representing halving 1/2dam and Max, and not being able to split your attacks), which are applied to the to-hit rolls.
This gives
* a quick-ready roll of -6+1 = -5
* two attack rolls at -6-4+1+4+2 = -3 each, subject defends at -1.

In combat, w/out an All Out Attack, you loose the +1 from Determined, and suffer the additional -4 for not being cinematic, for a net -5 that can't be bought off because this isn't a cinematic game.


In a cinematic game, the following technique is available:

Highly Effective Fast Firing Technique of my Ancestors
Defaults to Bow-3.
Prerequisite: Heroic Archer

This is a regular attack, and can be combined with any combat options or attack maneuvers you feel like. No special penalties for "in combat" vs "range shooting".

Fast-Draw two arrows at -1
Quick-Ready: HEFFTomA
Two attacks: HEFFTomA, -1 damage (or -1/2 dice if worse). If used against one target, that target suffers a -1 to defences due to the lightning fast incoming projectiles.

Regular Quick-Drawing Bows (which is at -3 instead of -6 because Heroic Archer) combined with regular Dual-Weapon attack (which is at -2 instead of -4 because Heroic Archer), +2 because of damage penalty.

[1] This is sort of like how the faeries are "good neighbours". Sometimes they polish your shoes. Sometimes they steal the cow.
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