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Default Re: Skill level descriptions

Good list Kromm, I''ll definitely save that one for the next time my players are creating characters :)
By the way, does anyone have an attribute level description?
for ST?
for HT?
for IQ?
for DX?
I've had a lot of problems with players trying to convince me that an ordinary man with a medium build can have 18 in ST <_<;; (In a realistic campaign)
ST is probably my biggest issue, since it's hard to figure out the scales for differently built people. Here is the scale I use

Stick-like build
Normal ST 6, max ST 11

Light Build (most women)
Normal ST 8, max ST 13

Medium Build (Average male)
Normal ST 10, max 15

Heavy Build
Normal ST 12 Max 17

Gigantic/huge build (gigantism dis/advantage)
Normal ST 14, max 19
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