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Default Re: New to TFT, bought the pocketbox version what next?

Originally Posted by philreed View Post
The Pocket Box you picked up is a great travel game, though the counters and maps are not compatible with any other components from The Fantasy Trip Legacy Edition, Death Test, or any newer expansions.
Technically, that's partially true. If you purchase the PDF editions of TFT adventures that come with counters, such as TFT Adventures or Four Perilous Journeys, the latter currently on Kickstarter, you can print the counters at 75% scaling onto card stock and use the counters in the classic/pocket box scale. If you print the fronts and backs onto card stock and glue them together, carefully aligned, they are fairly sturdy; almost as good as the Ogre VHS edition. Rubber cement is good; a spray adhesive is even better!

If you can acquire an additional empty pocket box (check add-ons Backerkit on the Pocket Box crowdfund campaign), it's a good place to store homemade counters and take them with you when taking your Pocket Box with you for more advanced adventures. When you're ready for Adventuring with In the Labryinth, you can be fully equipped with the Pocket Box.

I'm a fan of the Pocket Box scale so I have hundreds, probably over a THOUSAND homemade 2mm thick counters specifically for use with TFT! The size may be smaller but the action and adventure is just as big!
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