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Default Becoming a Cultist and Munchkin Cthulu

OK, so in Munchkin Cthulu, I know that if you draw or are given (as charity) a Cultist card, then you have to play it and become a Cultist. I understand that Cultist cards get their own discard pile.

Now, some cards make you a Cultist, such as meeting H.P. Munchcraft. What if there are no Cultist cards in the discards?

Do you wait until a Cultist card is discarded and then automatically take it and replace your class with it?

Do you replace your current class with an imaginary "Cultist Card" and so are a Cultist - just without the card - until a Cultist card is discarded?

Or do you just avoid becoming a Cultist at all since there are no Cultist cards available?
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