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Default Re: EPIC TMNT & Feats

Originally Posted by Nobunga View Post
Here are the Epic Abilities I made up for EPIC TMNT

Aggressive Stance
Screw the Rules; I Have Fury -- You may use your Team-up/Loner Ability for any combat, ignoring the usual conditions or cost of discarding an Ally.
In addition, you may have two additional allies.

Defensive Stance
BLOCK! -- You may discard an Ally card, Kata card, or items worth at least $500 to negate a Curse or Bad Stuff.

Technical Stance
Extra Skill -- You may have up to 3 additional Ranks of Kata.
Nice, I was thinking of tweaking the Stances for Epic play too! Have you play-tested them, you didn't find any of them are broken?
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