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Default Re: Why adventuring parties?

Originally Posted by Michael Thayne View Post
There's some truth to this but I think it's most true only if you have monsters that can't be dealt with by ranks of spearmen or crossbowmen three deep. That describes some DFRPG monsters, but not as many as you might think.
Maybe your dungeons are less cramped and twisty than mine, and/or your monsters weaker, but my experience is that formation fighting in a dungeon is nice but not decisive and large mook groups are similarly nice but not decisive.

Sure, if you throw endless waves in, eventually you'll overwhelm most things, but the cost will be prohibitive, and as others have pointed out there is some stuff that will actually get stronger.

That said, it might be interesting set a delve in a dungeon that an army has recently failed to assault. Reeking carrion everywhere, many monsters and soldiers slaughtered, and the things that feed on death running amok, greatly increased in numbers and power.
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