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Default Re: I don't understand the limited print run...

We do realistically expect to have this on shelves, and we have to reiterate we have printed more of the Munchkin Collectible Card Game in just this initial printing than almost any game we've ever made. Distributor preorders are high (a great thing), and we're hoping to have product on shelves. Remember, these are distributor preorder numbers, and they preorder for multiple month's supply whenever possible; not just launch. However we still encourage people that want to make sure they get it to preorder with your local game store.

Limiting printing is the model for games like this however. We can't leave a set in print forever, and we have to move on to printing the following sets after that. While the second wave will be smaller, it shouldn't be taken up by as many preorders as the first wave, and should make sure there are packs on shelves.

And to answer the other question, alternate art Hero cards can be found in the boosters, but starters are definitely the easiest way to get a hold of them.
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