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Default I don't understand the limited print run...

So, Set 1 (series 1, whatever it's called) is going to be printed at about preorder +20%. Then reprinted in a second, smaller, wave.

That seems ludicrously small, and makes me wonder if this is a game that SJ Games realistically expects stores to have on their shelf. For a limited print run core set, I don't know if I can justify the $160 *minimum* to actually buy into the game. With draft seeming to be a cool why to play, why are we putting a hard limit on reprinting sets at all? I get saying on date X, we won't print anymore. But, even before the set comes out -- if the entire wave sells out then draft becomes impossible.

Then, we've got confirmation of multiple rarities, and it's been really cagey whether the ultra-rares are unique cards, or just alt arts / alternate versions of lower rarity cards.
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