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Default The Good, the Bad and the Cherub - Seeking advice

How do Cherubim react to an order to remove their attunement to a person or object?

Here's the story:
I'm currently playing Nathanael, a Cherub of Gabriel who had attuned himself to Siralle, a Mercurian of Yves (another party member), since she had, in his eyes, piqued his interest and earned his trust by continually trying to help him understand humanity better (something he wasn't and still isn't exactly good at). Her nature as a Mercurian with some Enemies has led to some tense situations, and when he was told to "take" for his allies by a superior angel, Nathanael did it as best as he thought possible (he isn't exactly subtle).

Now however, during the course of Feast of Blades, he had gone after Siralle when she was kidnapped, instead of keeping an eye on the situation at the hotel where the sorcerer with the Dagger of Bithynia was staying, where the rest of the group was preparing a crackdown. This was obviously endangering the mission to pursue his personal interests, and, while it didn't get him much of a reprimand, Nathanael was ordered to remove his Attunement to Siralle, also since she was able to take care of herself and didn't really contribute the the Word of Fire. Nathanel's protection actually hindered Siralle in combat situations (something which Cherubim might view as a good thing ;) ).

The way I played it, Nathanael pleaded with the higher levels of Fire not to have the Attunement removed (something he never had to do before), but was denied the request. After that, Nathanael spent time in meditation, with the feeling of emptiness where the Attunement used to be and sorrow for failing his Superior.

Now what? I suppose that Cherubim don't take well to removing Attunements at any time, and I tend to emphasize the "loyal devotion" part of Cherub Attunements. Has anyone some advice, and what were your experiences?
I think that it really helps Cherubim characters to have to face such a challenge, and they shouldn't take the removal lightly. In my eyes, Cherubim are always in danger of putting their devotion to their charges before their devotion to their Word.

/EDIT: Afterthought: IMHO, the Cherub will often keep some degree of affection for the object of the removed Attunement, if the removal was against his will and the person/object was not acting "unworthy" of an Attunement. I.e., the Cherub will still often try to protect the object/person from harm, though not as fanatically.


tl;dr - Cherub was ordered to remove attunement, is sad. What now? ;)
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