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Default Re: Dear Steve: 1985 Autoduel for Steam?

Originally Posted by gpatt66 View Post
Please take a look at My early concept for a Car Wars combat/rpg video game.
I'm looking for script and mission ideas.
It's a bit tough to tell what the mechanics being used for damage, aiming, and whatnot are from the demo. (Which was a weapon test of some sort?) Graphics looked ok for an initial starting point.

For scripting and missions, some decisions on how the character/vehicle are intended to improve over the course of the game might be a good place to start. Is it more guns? Skills? Access to additional equipment? A new car? Something as simple as additional ammunition?

Deciding on what sort of ways there are to improve/advance in the game can often provide some solid ideas on what sort of things can be done to provide those.

There's other things to consider too - what happens when your car gets destroyed, for example. How big of a setback will that be. Is the game going to be exclusively in the car or will the character move about on foot as well.

Some food for thought. I hope it helps.
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