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Default Re: Dear Steve: 1985 Autoduel for Steam?

Originally Posted by gpatt66 View Post
Please take a look at My early concept for a Car Wars combat/rpg video game.
I'm looking for script and mission ideas.
It looks good, but please don't call it Car Wars so we don't have to cast Invoke Lawyers.

Originally Posted by JimTullis View Post
Quick Question:
What is a Turrent? ;) Sorry.

Does anyone know why this mis-spelling is so popular?
I have encountered it as far back as 1980.
I don't know. Can you explain to me why correcting people's spelling is important when they aren't asking for editorial feedback? I am a professional editor and I don't correct spelling or grammar in Internet posts unless it's a post by a friend and I know that friend won't take it amiss. There are enough people with dyslexia and dysgraphia in the world that it's a bit ableist to make those corrections otherwise. If you truly don't understand what someone is saying, then you can ask them; otherwise, wince at errors if you must but do it quietly.
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