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Default Re: [Sorcery] Post Your Spells Here

Animate Dead/Zombie
Keywords: None.
Full Cost: 54 (53.8) Points.
Casting Roll: None. Use Innate Attack (Gaze) to aim.
Range: 10 yards.
Duration: Instant. Undead created will last until destroyed.
The target of this spell must be a mostly complete dead body, the nature of which determines the type of undead produced. The corpse is raised as an obedient undead servant of the caster. It’s attributes are equal to those the body had during life, as well as its physical Advantages, Disadvantages and DX based skills, modified as appropriate according to its new undead racial template lense. However, a sorcerer can only put so much power into any corpse, any undead corpse animated this way can only have up to 25% of the total point cost of the Sorcerer at the time of casting, if any corpse raised through this spell would go over that limit, the GM is free to weaken the corpse (You couldn’t restore it to it’s former glory) or simply state that as you are, you aren’t powerful enough to raise this corpse.
Statistics: Ally, 25% point total, x4 rate of appearance (Summonable +100%; Summons a new undead each time; Cosmic, No Reaction Roll Required +100%; Cosmic, Godlike Tricks* +1,000%; Minion +50%; Ranged +40% Reduced Range /10 -30%; Trigger, Corpse, Common, -20%; Sorcery -15%; No Signature +20%)
*This Cosmic turns the ability into the power to make Allies, instead of being the Advantage of having Allies. Even when you switch to a different ability, the zombies will still exist and follow your orders. This literally lets you have infinite minions and bypasses the alternate abilities, and so I felt if any value was fair, it would be +1,000%.

My take on the Zombie spell. I was just building it for my own possible game (I make more than I actually run ^^;) and figured I may as well share.
Another method you could do rather than using the Cosmic Godlike Tricks is buy the advantage as an Ally Group, with the group number representing how much you're capable to keeping animated at once, but then it might need a weaker Cosmic to let the zombies continue to exist after switching your Alternate Abilities, but still need to switch to this spell to raise them.

Edit: Just noticed a small mistake, having listed a Common Trigger as -30% rather than -20%. Is fixed.

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