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Default Re: [Sorcery] Post Your Spells Here

Originally Posted by chandley View Post
Indeed, but Control puts Cosmetic (which can neither reduce nor increase the bonus) at -80% by RAW. Being able to reduce the bonus is thus going to be more than that. I dont have that Pyramid, but if Slow Fire is being used to simply prevent the _spread_ of the fire, without reducing its damage, that could qualify for -80% like Cosmetic. But reducing the severity of the weather is definitely more useful than changing the color of the lightning.
the slow fire reduces the damage from fires by half and decreases the amount of fuel the fire consumes by half. its priced as 5 levels of control with a few modifiers, including the the potency limitation.

that limitation makes it so that you can only use that power for one specific thing. One specific thing is usually priced at -80%.

Originally Posted by chandley View Post
Temperature Control was the closest thing I could think of. But, your campaign. If you think -80% works, it works. Not what I would use though.
Temperature control seems like a good fit but it does not prevent things like current shifts at sea and storms. also its not my campaign, there is no campaign. This thread is for those who won't to post their own spells for use by others.

If any of the builds in this thread does not match your assumptions for your campaign then you can change what you need. ;)
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