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Default Re: Limit on steeds and ships

Originally Posted by six's monkey View Post
Have we always been able to put Big things on our belt, or is that a fairly new thing?

I meant to indicate that Cheat! could ~overcome~ Bigness in that player's favor. Yes, a Big thing is still Big.
To be clear: There is no belt. The game defines no such thing, so I can't and won't rule on it. Regardless: All Items in play are carried, some are used. Unused Items are turned sideways. It doesn't matter if the Item is Big or not, if you are not using it, it gets turned sideways. The rule about Big Items regards carrying Big Items, not using them, so you can only have one in play, not one in use, one turned sideways, which might allow people to assume that no Big Items can be turned sideways, but that would be an incorrect assumption.
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