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Default Re: Limit on steeds and ships

Originally Posted by six's monkey View Post
Note that ships and steeds are Big. This serves two functions.
They are too big to play sideways, as the hooks on your belt don't attach properly.
This is incorrect. You can play a Big Item sideways, you just can't do this with additional Ships or Steeds because you're only allowed to have one of each in play, by rule.

They are too big to be surreptitiously stolen by a Thief, and thus no attempt to steal one can be made. Obviously, cards which allow their re-distribution work regardless of size.
This is true, but I'm not sure of the relevance to the question at hand.

They carry themselves when normally deployed, so they don't count against your character's limit on 'big' items ( normally one ), but they are big for all other purposes, unless modified by a 'cheat' card or 'shrinking powder'.
Cheat! doesn't change the Item's inherent nature, just changes whether you can use it or not, so a Ship or Steed would still be Big if it had Cheat! played on it, but you could play a second (or third or more) Ship or Steed with a Cheat! card because of that card's rules.
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