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Originally Posted by Daigoro View Post
GURPS Fantasy defines High and Low magic the other way round.

p147 - Low magic is the magical equivalent of home remedies.
p151 - High magic is the kind of spellcasting found in many roleplaying games.
Yep, confused (whatever) Magic with (whatever) Fantasy:

High Fantasy: Magic in general is some settings so rare that many may not even believe magic even exists. What magic that does exist will be concentrated in gods, other mythic beings, powerful magicians (who are themselves rare) or in a handful of artifacts. It also tends to be unpredictable. - p6 Tolkien's novels The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings are examples of High Fantasy.

Low Fantasy: Magic is common and evenly distributed in the world rather then being concentrated in certain places, people, or beings. Magic is just another tool that people use. - p6 Warcraft is an example of a Low Fantasy setting.

High Fantasy does fit the Norse (with regards to mortals) as magic items are generally very rare either produced by the Gods or the Dwarves. What magic is in the hands of mortals is mysterious.

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