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Originally Posted by maximara View Post
I think you are confusing High Magic with High Fantasy

High Magic fits the Norse quite well. It is the magical equivalent of home remedies. Under this falls things like Craft Magic where special rituals while crafting an item imbues it with magical power. Oaths, knacks, and True Faith all fall under High Magic.

Next up is Formulaic Magic ie magic via secret knowledge and elaborate rituals. This is where mystics will be.

Low Magic combines High and Formulaic Magic. Spells are easy to learn but produce very potent.
I have no idea where any of this terminology comes from. I've never heard it before.

It occurs to me that I may be approaching this from the wrong direction. Instead of making players choose a caster type and telling them what spells it's possible for that type to know, I can just write up a couple of actual caster characters and the spells they know. New player characters have only had the opportunity to learn spells from these characters, so that's their list. It's not limited, for instance, by what cunning men and wise women know; it's limited by what Solvi the Cunning Man is able to teach you. That has the added benefit of not putting player characters into a spell caster "class": they might pick up a few spells from various places (and whatever stigmas go along with that).
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