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Default Re: Cultural and Technological Consequences of Racial Daredevil trait

Originally Posted by vicky_molokh View Post
Appearance is basically 4pts per 1 reaction. Appearance normally affects own race (or the major race of the setting). Making appearance Universal is +25%, resulting in a 5pts per 1 reaction. The species-limited version costs 80% of the Universal version.
Appearance already has a "Requires target able to see me" limitation built in on the reaction bonus. As far as I can tell, the racial benefit is actually a 0 cost under the assumption that "humans only" in a mundane campaign covers "everything that isn't an animal, and thus everything I'd bother to make a reaction roll against anyways".

EDIT: I'm modifying this for my game, explicitly breaking out the "Visual" limitation and the "Species that share senses of aesthetics" limitation.

Note also that the basic Appearance advantage assumes a 50/50 split (or thereabouts between two genders - species with a different ratio or a different gender arrangement (most likely is no genders and hermaphroditism of some sort but Scifi is funky) will want to adjust costs. If you're female, and your species is 90% female, getting an additional +4 reaction from males vs the +2 from females isn't nearly as useful as a human would get.
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