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Default Re: Cultural and Technological Consequences of Racial Daredevil trait

Originally Posted by vicky_molokh View Post
... please remember that Daredevil is an Advantage granting bonuses in risky situations, and not a Compulsive Behavior. So it's not like they can't behave safe, it's just that they can afford to take more risks because they're protected from a lot of their negative consequences.
I see the advantage leading to a greeater degree of the occurance, so while it might not be a compulsion, it will color the culturally acceptable behavior to such a degree that *other* races might see it as a compulsion. I do agree that it is not, still the collective psychology will be tainted to a huge degree. Otherwise why have it as a racial ad? It would mean little more than a limited form of racial luck if it didn't.

Originally Posted by sir_pudding View Post
Unmodified Honesty works that way. These characters don't have to obey their own laws outside of its jurisdiction; that's the purpose of the limitation.
Unmodified honesty does not do this. You follow the laws, which include jurisdictional changes to the laws. There are certain issues regarding whether you know them and such, but granted the power to know all of the laws and jurisdictional considertions, you follow the local ones, not your home ones. Basic set- "In an area with little or no law, you do not "go wild" - you act as though the laws of your own home were in force." I believe this was what you were thinking of. This race could perhaps follow their own laws no matter the jurisdiction- a sort of honesty where they believe only their laws have jurisdiction over them. We have RL examples of this, but perhaps some sort of Diplomatic Immunity would be best to model this in GURPS *if and only if* the local jurisdictions respect this point of view.
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