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Default Re: Role of archers in low-tech parties?

Ideally the PCs are DX12 so they have an Bow-12 (at 2cp). Bow-10 is only good enough for mass-firing (and not even at the ideal level of skill). If weapon bond can be taken multiple times should certainly be taken advantage.

Terminal Aim (3 sec; +3+1+1) + AoA: Determined (+1) = +6
+6 is good @ 20yrds with skill 13 (weapon bond and DX12) at 84%.
If the 20 yrds will take 10 seconds to cover, it is optimal to use the bows. You can get roughly 3 shots at this distance if it will take 10sec to close in.

Instances where 20 yards will take more than 10 seconds.
- Terrain rough enough that running risk injury (half move). Practically all outdoor terrains might require Running+DX TDM+0 (challenging). Worse if the terrain is really bad like rocky and grassy (hiding pitted areas) TDM-5, inclined loose rocky terrain TDM-7, TDM-10 those wuxia poles descending into a bottomless chasm or steep cliff face with only inches of footing, loose rocks and some slippery moss. Fail is slowing down to the appropriate movement to cover the distance: typically half or walking move/5. Critical Fail is appropriate consequence.
- Considering the opponents are at least at Light Enc. Move-4.

If the PC wants to trade off accuracy for distance, Skill-10 @70yrds.

In a ranged exchange, remember to stay behind cover or a PC who has at least a small shield.

When to use up an arrow:
  1. Value of Opportunity (odds of it happening again, what stands to be gained)
  2. Cost of the Projectile (actual cost, circumstantial cost, and future circumstantial cost)
  3. Odds of being effective (chances to hit, to damage, and cause the opponent to go down)
I don't mean to make people do some math with this, just keep it in mind when and with some practice one quickly runs through the points.

Skill-9 at 100yrds is only worth while if (the chance of bringing down the enemy x the value of the enemy) is greater than the cost of the action (and future cost).
Sacrificing my remaining arrow (considering immediate engagements) on the dismal chance of bringing down the enemy is not a worth while situation.

An enemy escaping by the skin of his teeth, with campaign ending news/information is certainly a situation to try even if you have a 1% shot of success. (enemy is -12 to be hit or 200yrds and galloping at 9yrds/sec on horseback -4, possible with an arching shot).
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