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Default Re: Is GURPS good system for cyberpunk

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
It really depends on what flavor of cyberpunk.
I cannot agree with this more. There is a lot of different kinds of cyberpunk. Last time I tried to run a game in gurps I ended up exploring the dirty seams of a society edging towards transhumanism. Which is probably my doing, not GURPS.

In general, it is a good system if you treat cybernetics as advantages that cost points, as money is too cheap in GURPS to serve as a good game balancer. For example, a TL9 character with Multimillionaire 2 possesses $300 million in personal assets, $60 million of which may be in adventuring gear. Even if you are charging $15,000 per CP, they can easily purchase 2,000 CP worth of cybernetics without much trouble for the cost of 100 CP of Wealth.
Alternatively, just don't allow the wealth advantage, or limit it to Comfortable. That's just staying within genre limitations.


One important caveat is to not allow all possible gear at that Tech level. If you have Ultra-tech, page 9 talks about how to make the tech cyberpunk.
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