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Default Re: Is GURPS good system for cyberpunk

Originally Posted by Refplace View Post
I'll chip in another vote for Pyramid 3/21 the Console Cowboys article alone is worth the cover price.
Most of the feeling comes from the setting, Cyberpunk for Third Edition was good but I disliked the netrunning rules as too clunky. Replace those with the article mentioned above though and I think its very playable.
Also Transhuman Space is kind of like Cyberpunk but more futuristic and more Bladerunner.
Thank you! I skimmed through the original netrunning rules at some point and reached the same conclusion. Great if the Pyramid's version are actually playable.

Originally Posted by Antiquation! View Post
You may find this link useful:

It contains both session reports as well as extensive lists of equipment, vehicles, cyberware, homebrew hacking rules, templates and more.
Oh yes, thank you!
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