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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

"So, ghost is wanting Men of Might to break curse but we are not exactly having multiple Men mighty or not. I an Man and I am Mighty but Kethra is female Bard, after that we got skinny Elf and 3 Dwarves full of Beer more than Might. One of them is girl too. Oh, also 3 adolescent Winter Wolves that are not house-broken yet."

"So you are thinking that whole group can climb down 400 ft of rope and sneak into tomb through underground river? Maybe we look for easier way before we do that."

"So you are thinking that we have whole group climb up rope on side of pyramid 350 feet, squeeze in through ventilation shaft less than 2 feet wide and climb down rope more than 300 feet into dark room incidentally having to buy more rope from passing caravan first? Maybe we look for easier way first."

"Ah! Stairs!"
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