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I'm not sure this will help you, but in a past campaign I had a diety named Cleo, a moon goddess whose worshipers must practice underground, as all such "old religions" are banned under the sorcerer-king Kirus. The write-up from my character creation guidelines is below. I included few powers, focusing instead on spells.

Cleonic Clerics
Cleo is a healer and protector, a rare source of light in the darkness. The moon goddess chooses only women as her priestesses, but a few elite men are chosen to be monks and can channel her power as well.
The moon goddess is known for being a bringer of life as well as a protector of justice, and many now wait for her to rise and save Pakal.

Priestess—may have up to 6 levels of Power Investiture as well as True Faith (Turning) (P84).
Required Advantages: Clerical Investment 1 [5]
Required Disadvantages: Sense of Duty: coreligionists [-10]; Disciplines of Faith (ritualism) [-5]; Enemy (Kirans, 6 or less) [-20] or Secret (priestess) [-10]
Required Skills: Religious Ritual (minimum 14); Theology (minimum 13)

Monk—may have up to 4 levels of Power Investiture as well as True Faith (Turning) (P84).
Required Advantages: Trained by a Master [30]; Blessed (any) [10 or 20]
Required Disadvantages: Disciplines of Faith (mysticism) [-10]; Vow: use no edged weapons [-10]; Enemy (Kirans, 6 or less) [-20] or Secret (monk) [-10]

Power Investiture 1: Aura, Awaken, Cold, Detect Magic, Dream Viewing, Gloom, Lend Energy, Lend Vitality, Light, Night Vision, Peaceful Sleep, Recover Energy, Sense Spirit, Shape Darkness, Shape Water, Share Vitality, Silence, Tell Time, Truthsayer, and Watchdog.
Power Investiture 2: Astral Vision, Continual Light, Coolness, Darkness, Dream Sending, Final Rest, Find Direction, Fog, Healing Slumber, Icy Missiles, Icy Weapon, Infravision, Light Tread, Minor Healing, Neutralize Poison, Purify Air, Purify Water, Relieve Madness, Resist Pain, See Invisible, Shape Light, Stop Bleeding, Turn Spirit, and Turn Zombie.
Power Investiture 3: Affect Spirits, Blackout, Command Spirit (any type), Daze, Dispel Possession, Dream Projection, Hide, Ice Sphere, Know Location, Know True Shape, Major Healing, Mirror, Nightmare, Remember Path, Repel Spirits, Resist Cold, Sense Life, Sleep, Strengthen Will, Suspended Animation, Tell Position, Vigil, Warmth, and Wisdom.
Power Investiture 4: Animate Shadow, Astral Block, Blur, Banish, Cleansing, Command, Compel Truth, Create Water, Cure Disease, Flash, Glow, Icy Touch, Madness, Mass Sleep, Master, Mystic Mist, Neutralize Poison, No-Smell, Relieve Paralysis, Resist Disease, Restoration, Stop Paralysis, Suspend Curse, and Vigor.
Power Investiture 5: Create Food, Dark Vision, Entrap Spirit, Frost, Gift of Letters, Gift of Tongues, Great Healing, Instant Restoration, Icy Breath, Images of the Past, Instant Neutralize Poison, Invisibility, Oath, Pathfinder, Regeneration, Resist Fire, Silver Tongue, Stone to Flesh, and Weather Dome.
Power Investiture 6: Bind Spirit (any type), Bless, Curse, Body of Shadow, Essential Food, Frostbite, Instant Regeneration, Pentagram, Planar Summons (Divine Servitor), Rain of Ice Daggers, Remove Curse, Sanctuary.
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