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Default Re: [Sorcery] Post Your Spells Here

Originally Posted by chandley View Post
Note: Fatigue Attack doesnt inflict Blunt Trauma OR Knockback (see Basic p. 378 and 379), so you cant use No Blunt Trauma or No Knockback here.

It would be useful to also spell out the Annihilating Weapon advantage being granted here. Really, with any of the buffs, just about the least interesting part is the Affliction. The meat is the advantage(s) being granted.

can't believe I missed that, an early version of Arctic stream was crushing. fixing it now.

Annihilating weapon is the imbuement skill cast as a weapon buff, its like Penetrating weapon on p. 16 of Sorcery pdf.

Originally Posted by chandley View Post
-80% for "Reduce Potency" is generous, given "Cosmetic Only" is also -80% and the former is actually useful. I'd suggest -50%, borrowed from Temperature Control ("Cold Only -50% or Heat Only -50%")
Reduce Potency was striped from the Slow Fire in Pyramid 63.

remember that the spell can not give a bonus, it can only offset penalties given by the weather.
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