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Default Re: Official Rules Update and FAQ (Draft versions 1.01 - June 21)

Roads and bridges allow you to ignore underlying terrain features as long as they're intact and you enter the hex on the road/bridge. Previous discussions have agreed that (unrealistic as it may be) a hex's terrain only affects units entering a hex, not exiting it, and hexside terrain only affects units crossing that hexside. Thus the lack of road in one hex does not affect the use of road in another hex as long as you enter the hex along the road (i.e., across a hexside that the road connects to). Additionally, the fact that stream bridges are connected to the road doesn't change that principle; if the bridge is intact you can use it to avoid stopping at the stream, even if the hex on the far side doesn't have intact road (and thus you have to observe the far hex's terrain penalties/restrictions). River bridges are effectively treated as normal road for movement purposes since the road and the bridge are one and the same for destruction purposes - either the road is intact and you can ignore the underlying terrain (water), or it isn't and you can't.

Yes, it's less than realistic, but no more so than the rest of the game mechanics :)
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